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HR Outsourcing /
Hotel & Resort Specialized Outsourcing Consulting

HR Outsourcing

Specialists & Regular staffs outsourcing
H.R Outsourcing of Specialist
To provide specialists for variety corporate clients for long and short term period, who are suitable for clients' cost saving & core tasks
  • Specialists with master's degree, Ph.D
  • Specialists with licenses
  • Office assistant staff with M.S programs proficiency
  • Call center staff
  • Information desk staff
  • Limousine driver for luxury hotel & corporates
H.R Outsourcing of Regular Staffs
To provide temporary staffs with long and short term period who are suitable worker for clients’ cost saving & efficient management
  • Long/short term Regular worker
  • Long/short term part time worker
  • Manufaturing staff outsourcing
  • Bus boy in hotel & resort restaurant
  • Customized staff outsourcing
HR Outsourcing
Administrative assistant staff, special staff with license, manufacture staff and part-time worker etc.